Recycling Advantage

We at Rite Temp source our paper locally. We buy from local church organizations, the Red Cross and local schools and charities. Recycling newsprint locally aids our community and makes it unnecessary to expend energy transporting it to landfills or de-inking plants. This, coupled with low energy requirements for its production, give cellulose the lowest “embodied energy” containment of any insulating material.

Just as significant as its recycling advantage is the superiority of cellulose as an insulating material. Many independent insulation authorities agree that cellulose is the best fibre thermal insulation, and an impressive
body of scientific research supports this belief. This characteristic was studied by researchers at the University of Colorado , Denver. Two structures identical in every respect were built. One was insulated with
Cellulose and the other with fibreglass batts. This research is referred to as THE COLORADO STUDY. The research suggests that the performance of cellulose over fibreglass is as much as 38% better!