Cellulose Fibre

Cellulose Fibre When choosing an insulation material for your home, will you consider the health, safety and quality of living for your family, the environment, the cost of the insulation, and its energy efficient properties? There are several different insulation fibres to choose from, but when you look at all of the facts, the one type of insulation material that stands out from the rest is RITE TEMP CELLULOSE FIBRE

Cellulose fibre is a highly cost efficient form of insulation which has been used for over 60 years. It is manufactured using three basic ingredients. 80% recycled newspaper, boric acid and borax. Both boric acid and borax are naturally mined salts and are considered about as toxic to humans as table salt. The newspaper is shredded and then milled into a fluffy, soft textured pulp. Boric acid is added as a flame retardant and borax, a safe, long trusted pest repellant and mould inhibitor is added as well.

Rite Temp Cellulose Fibre forms a thermal blanket on top of your ceiling, eliminating the heat transfer in both summer and winter. When the sun is beating down on your roof, Rite Temp Cellulose Fibre stops the intense heat build up in your roofs cavity from entering your home. This provides a barrier to our summers harsh elements, leaving your home up to 12 degrees cooler on those hot summer days.

In winter, Rite Temp Cellulose works in reverse. It will hold in that much needed warm air and allow it to circulate and warm your entire home, while preventing cold, heavy air descending through your ceiling. Your heating bills will be dramatically reduced in these cold winter months.

If you operate an air conditioner, it will not be working as hard therefore extending its life and reducing energy usage.

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